Bullhorn’s most experienced and trusted implementation partner

“Newbury has an amazing team of staffing industry experts that have successfully taken many clients live since 2016.  Their track record and depth of experience consulting with staffing firms to help them implement technology are fantastic. We are proud to have Newbury,  a leading staffing consultancy company, as our partner.”

Art Papas / Bullhorn Founder & CEO

Newbury Partners has specialized in assisting Bullhorn clients with their software implementations, optimization, data migrations, customizations, reporting, training and support since 2016. Newbury is a trusted partner of Bullhorn, who recognizes the team as leading experts to work with their client base. Bullhorn has engaged Newbury in their own internal consulting engagements, in addition to building Custom reports and paving the implementation rollout of new products including BullhornOne.

The world leader in helping the Staffing Industry maximize the ROI of Bullhorn products. 

Having the right Front and Mid-Office Platforms to support your business is one of the most strategic decisions a staffing company can make.  Choosing Bullhorn is an excellent choice and brings a myriad of benefits.  There is a reason Bullhorn has become the industry standard for systems and process excellence. 

Choosing Bullhorn is the first step, and the easiest one.  Selecting the right partner to guide your Bullhorn journey to excellence is crucial.  A tool is only effective if it is set up and used correctly.  The journey to excellence must include: experienced project management, flawless data migration, system configuration, tailored for your unique business, intuitive reports to enhance productivity, and expert training to ensure team adoption and productivity gains made possible by Bullhorn products.

As the largest and most experienced Bullhorn System Integrator, Newbury Partners is the clear choice to guide your journey.  We have the functional expertise, decades of experience serving the Staffing Industry, and unparalleled technical know-how to deliver the organizational benefits of Bullhorn products.

With most staffing companies, Bullhorn is only part of the solution.  There are legacy systems, complex technical architectures, home grown or off the shelf applications to integrate, and different ways of doing business across divisions or even teams.  Newbury has the breadth of experience to navigate complex engagements, integrate with legacy systems and customize instances to minimize disruption while maximizing utilization and benefits.

Bullhorn Products

Our consultants leverage their deep expertise to bring best practices around process improvement and systems configuration to deliver world class results. We help you migrate and  transform from your current environment to get the most from your Bullhorn investment.


  • Bullhorn ATS/CRM
  • Onboarding
  • Onboarding Talent Edition
  • Onboarding365
  • Bullhorn VMS
  • Bullhorn One
  • Bullhorn Canvas
  • Automation

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