Newbury Partners Products

Kanban for Bullhorn

Newbury Partners Kanban for Bullhorn provides your team with enhanced versatility through the recruitment and sales journey. Our intuitive drag and drop functionality reduce clicks and empowers you to effortlessly move a candidate through the submission process. This includes all your submission statuses, client submission, booking an interview, or creating a placement.

Users will experience:

  • Simplified workflow training for the team
  • Efficient real-time client reviews
  • Happy and more productive recruiters
  • Improved visibility across the Job Submission pipeline

Company Hierarchy Field Sync

With Newbury Partners Company Hierarchy Field Sync, your users can push or pull field level data between parent and child records with fewer clicks to create uniform records, reduce poor data quality and wasted time spent through manual entry. Users will have flexibility to push/pull the data of their choice from parents to child or child to parent records.

Newbury’s Duplicate Alert & Merge

Newbury’s Duplicate Alert & Merge tool allows users to quickly identify duplicate records and merge data points directly from the record they are on, including Candidates, Contacts and Companies. It provides the on-demand benefit of maintaining a clean database and driving users to have the most accurate information.

Users can experience:

  • Duplicate record alerts
  • Merge multiple records with field-level control
  • Merge Record Level Data (Contacts, Files, Notes + Activities)

Newbury Deal Sheet

The Newbury Deal Sheet provides Travel Nursing Recruiters with a quick and accurate way to quote take-home pay to interested candidates and at the same time ensuring that they will make a profit that is within their financial goals. The Recruiter has the ability to configure and control Dynamic Gross Margin calculations including Corporate Cost Definitions, GSA Compliance, Variable Cost Functionality and Target Gross Margins removing the possibility of inaccuracies that can be presented through manual calculations. The Deal Sheet creates a level of flexibility for recruiters to auto generate candidate compensation summaries, costs, comparables and populate facility/job details during real time conversations with their candidates and allow for Recruiter to send post meeting documentation to the candidate for immediate follow up.

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