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We are grateful for the outstanding support we have received over the past few months. Our work began with Sara Moss, and her approach was nothing short of comprehensive. She took the time to interview various members of our team, delving into our current processes and exploring our best-case scenarios for the future. Sara expertly constructed a visual model of platforms and partners, guiding us towards optimal decisions for our forward progress. She not only arranged insightful discovery calls but also advocated our cause when dealing with vendors. Her services acted as a robust bridge, propelling us from where we were to where we stand today. Sara is fabulous!

Our ATS/CRM configuration and rollout project, a monumental undertaking, was handled by Veronika Smolinski. Her remarkable knowledge and professionalism were our guide through this project. Veronika went above and beyond, ensuring our questions were addressed and our system was set up well. She was there to provide answers at all hours, truly becoming a gift and extension to our team.

The data engineers deserve nothing less than the title of magicians! Dealing with our unconventional ATS/CRM system was no small feat, yet they exhibited unwavering patience and grace, helping us untangle the complexities during migration. The data extract was messy, and they overcame numerous hurdles. We are thankful for their tireless efforts in managing what was undoubtedly a more intricate and tangled data set than they typically encounter.

Canvas training with Vidur Raj was an outstanding! Navigating the intricacies of technical reporting can quickly become overwhelming, but Vidur made it comprehensible. His calm demeanor and manageable pace allowed us to cover a substantial amount of ground in our four sessions without feeling overwhelmed. Having access to the training recordings is an asset, as there was an abundance of new information to process.

We just started working with Kristen Marti on BBO, and it’s clear she possesses an exceptional level of expertise in this space. We are confident that Kristen will lay a strong foundation for our work in this area.

Thank you for your team’s great work!!

Jennifer Litwiller / CT Assist

Newbury supported me personally in a full data migration from Brownlee Dean’s old existing CRM to TSA’s current CRM – Bullhorn. The process was explained in full at the start of the project and I felt supported every step of the way. The Data Migration was completed successfully and before the initial agreed completion date. Our staff are now all able to use one CRM with all of the existing data from the Brownlee Dean CRM present as a point of reference.

Jaime Smith / Brownlee Dean Ltd.

Newbury was there for us from the beginning of our implementation all the way through the end. They stood by us as the Staffing world changed during our implementation and they where in the trenches with us. Each person we worked with was willing to grind right along with us and help find the solutions we needed to get our project live.

Jeff Beckman / LRS Healthcare

The expertise, agility, and vision of our partners at Newbury has allowed us to enhance the experience and extend the functionality of Bullhorn in numerous, meaningful ways. The resulting gains in user satisfaction and efficiency are felt throughout our company on a daily basis.

Rich Smith / Atlas MedStaff

Newbury partners has been intstrumental in our Bullhorn One and Herefish implementations.  They are thorough, responsive and have far exceeded our previous experiences with implementation teams.  Can’t express how grateful we are to have such excellent partners.

Michele Bousquest / Floyd Lee Locums

Jo Saul is unbelievably talented. There aren’t many questions she can’t answer regarding Deal Sheets. She is such a pleasure to work with, and we feel very supported as we have moved through the complex mapping process for Deal Sheets. Thanks for all the fantastic work Newbury Partners team!

Kayleigh Beavan / Nydick

Before the BNI the two businesses were working between 2 CRMs. This was causing a number of problems throughout the business; Duplication of data Staff working on separate CRMs so critical information being missed Some manual input of data to the preferred CRM had taken place which was extremely time consuming and expensive Staff working with two processes regarding the input of data to the CRMs

Jaime Smith / Brownlee Dean Ltd.

Newbury is always able to respond to us quickly and truly understands our business needs. We continue to engage Newbury for various projects annually and greatly appreciate Newbury’s focus on building a long-term relationship and partnership.

Kyle Ketcham / Alku

In early 2022, Newbury Partners expertly managed our migration to Bullhorn, providing clarity and support every step of the way. Grahame Winman, our dedicated Project Manager, was not only an exceptional communicator but also a Bullhorn expert. Their team’s ability to understand our unique business needs ensured a seamless transition of two databases into Bullhorn. Newbury Partners meticulously addressed everything from data deduplication to tailored solutions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to our project. Their guidance and unwavering support made our staff confident Bullhorn users in just two training sessions. With a global team always ready to assist, they swiftly resolved any challenges that arose. We can’t recommend Newbury Partners highly enough; they are true Bullhorn experts, consistently brilliant, and always there when you need them.

Ruth Azzopardi / Proactive.IT Appointments

Working with Newbury Partners has been a great experience for us at GHR Healthcare. Their expertise and professionalism have been invaluable in assisting with the implementation of Bullhorn.  GHR Healthcare views Newbury Partners as a true strategic thought partner, who is key to the ongoing support, and evolution of our investment in Bullhorn One

Donny Wright / GHR Healthcare

We wanted to control the process, not just in terms of branding, but in terms of functionality. Using the OSCP created by Newbury allowed us to decide exactly how we wanted our jobs to be displayed and filtered, making it easy for applicants to quickly find jobs relevant to them. Just as importantly, the OSCP allowed us to control the application process, including the exact questions we wanted to ask and bringing those responses into Bullhorn to make our process smoother and more efficient.

Andrew Brody / TRU Staffing Partners, Inc.

I’ve been in the hospitality and customer service industry for over 15 years, and I have to recognize Mick for his outstanding engagement, uncompromising level of service, and first-class experience. Mick was very thorough, overcommunicated for clarity and alignment, was available at all times to assist me, ensured that all calls/meetings were recorded, and provided additional information and training to ensure our Bullhorn Automation roll-out was a success. I am beyond ecstatic about my experience with Mick and the team and highly recommend Newbury Partners. 

Albert Ramos Jr. / MK Search

As the CEO of an enterprise SaaS company, one of the most challenging aspects of the job is ensuring successful implementation. It’s never easy. I’m lucky to have partnered with Newbury Partners as the Praos system integrator. We outsourced our implementations and integrations to Newbury Partners, and they deliver every single time!

David Lee / Praos

I worked with Tammy as a Client Success Manager. She is wonderful. She’s very knowledgeable of the products and quickly responded to each issue or question we had. We’ve seen a big uptick in production and our data integrity with using the new Kanban tool. Thank you for creating this awesome product!

Wes Jones / ITAC Solutions

Despite the challenges faced during the transition, the invaluable support from Newbury Partners helped navigate complexities and optimize operations on the Bullhorn One platform.

Michelle Bousquet / Floyd Lee Locums

Doing this work (Client Success Package) with Newbury Partners is the most important thing we could do for our business right now; we wish we’d done it sooner.

Matt Osborne / Pathway Group

Working with Newbury Partners has been invaluable for our small company. They are responsive and always respond to us, even on short notice. Not only do they address our concerns promptly, but they also take the time to explain the solutions thoroughly, ensuring we understand every step.

Molly Gottschalk / Lark Medical Staffing

Newbury Partners went the extra mile to guarantee a seamless return to Bullhorn. They displayed great enthusiasm and assistance in addressing all our inquiries. The team offered valuable insights to assist our IT team in the process of data migration and extraction.

Lauren Breland / Optimum Healthcare IT

Jeff Ozenbaugh at Newbury Partners was flexible, open, and incredibly knowledgeable. However, what truly sets him apart is his ability to make complex concepts easy to understand and inject real personality into all of our sessions.

Simon Bagni / Crem Recruitment