Check out what some of the people that we work with and what they are saying about Newbury Partners:

Newbury is always able to respond to us quickly and truly understands our business needs. We continue to engage Newbury for various projects annually and greatly appreciate Newbury’s focus on building a long-term relationship and partnership.

Kyle Ketcham / Alku

Working at Newbury Partners is both challenging and rewarding. The energy, knowledge and experience of my colleagues creates a network where I feel supported and appreciated. I am empowered by leaders that are caring and ethical. Consulting diverse clients through varied implementations keeps my interest and provides an opportunity for continued growth.

Sherry Baltus / Newbury Employee

Let me start out by saying, I love my job! Newbury is a company that allows all of us to express ourselves through innovation and creativity. I’m very passionate about the clients I work with and feel honored to have the privilege to work alongside them on their implementation journey. The Newbury team is extremely supportive where we help each other, celebrate successes or just being there to brainstorm or troubleshoot a situation. I feel my opinions are heard and valued amongst my colleagues and management team. I’m not in fear to make a mistake but encouraged to learn from them. The people here are truly amazing and this is what makes Newbury part of my family.

Renee Haines / Newbury Employee

Newbury was there for us from the beginning of our implementation all the way through the end. They stood by us as the Staffing world changed during our implementation and they where in the trenches with us. Each person we worked with was willing to grind right along with us and help find the solutions we needed to get our project live.

Jeff Beckman / LRS Healthcare

What pain points did Brownlee Dean experience prior to the Newbury Bullhorn implementation?
Before the BNI the two businesses were working between 2 CRMs. This was causing a number of problems throughout the business; Duplication of data Staff working on separate CRMs so critical information being missed Some manual input of data to the preferred CRM had taken place which was extremely time consuming and expensive Staff working with two processes regarding the input of data to the CRMs

Jaime Smith / Brownlee Dean Ltd.

How did Newbury effectively address these pain points and make you successful?
Newbury supported me personally in a full data migration from Brownlee Dean’s old existing CRM to TSA’s current CRM – Bullhorn. The process was explained in full at the start of the project and I felt supported every step of the way. The Data Migration was completed successfully and before the initial agreed completion date. Our staff are now all able to use one CRM with all of the existing data from the Brownlee Dean CRM present as a point of reference.

Jaime Smith / Brownlee Dean Ltd.

Do you have any Newbury team members that you feel went above and beyond during your implementation?
Daniel Jenkins went above and beyond. He was professional, supportive and very patient! I am not from a tech background and Daniel explained things very clearly in a way that was easy for me to understand. Daniel supported me with some basic admin training on Bullhorn and helped with some spare hours within the project to do some data cleansing with me. I think the success of the project was very much supported by Daniel’s knowledge of the system and his dedication. At the end of the project Daniel wasn’t well but he still kept in touch at the final stages with Harjot being on hand to help me as well. Thanks to them both!

Jamie Smith / Brownlee Dean Ltd.

Is there any additional feedback you would like to offer?
I would definitely recommend Newbury to others for similar projects.

Jamie Smith / Brownlee Dean Ltd.

The expertise, agility, and vision of our partners at Newbury has allowed us to enhance the experience and extend the functionality of Bullhorn in numerous, meaningful ways. The resulting gains in user satisfaction and efficiency are felt throughout our company on a daily basis.

Rich Smith / Atlas MedStaff