Simplify Your Recruitment and Sales Journey

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Simplify Your Recruitment and Sales Journey

Are you tired of managing your recruitment or sales journey with outdated tools and complicated workflows? Newbury Partners Kanban for Bullhorn provides your team with enhanced visibility through the recruitment and sales journey. By leveraging the power of Kanban, this solution streamlines processes and minimizes unnecessary clicks. Its intuitive drag and drop functionality empower users to effortlessly move candidates through the submission process. 

Effortlessly Navigate Every Step

Our intuitive drag and drop functionality reduce clicks and empowers you to easily move a candidate through the submission process. This includes all your submission statuses, client submission, booking an interview, or creating a placement. Users will experience:

Visualize Your Candidate Pipeline

Gain a crystal-clear view of your recruitment and sales journey at a glance. No more guesswork! 

Fewer clicks, more results. Seamlessly integrate Kanban with Bullhorn workflows to consolidate opportunities and job records, reducing multi-screen navigation and clicks by 30-40%.

Use Kanban as your virtual whiteboard for productive recruitment team meetings.

We understand the resistance to change. That’s why Kanban for Bullhorn was designed for easy adoption. The user-friendly design makes training instant and can be achieved the same day as activation. Say goodbye to complexity!

Provides managers with quick insights into the progression of their team’s book of business, enabling better decision-making and improved productivity.

Join the rank of satisfied Kanban users who have experienced the transformation power of the Recruiter Kanban Board!

“We’ve seen a big uptick in production and our data integrity with using the new Kanban tool. Thank you for creating this awesome product!”
Wes Jones, Senior Manager | ITAC Solutions

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