Transform Your Bullhorn Career Portal through Expert Customization

Bullhorn Career Portal

Unlock its full potential. Elevate your brand.

In today’s competitive job market, it’s crucial to provide candidates with an engaging, seamless, branded experience from the very first interaction. See how easy it is to customize your Bullhorn Career Portal, creating a cohesive platform for your job openings — and add functionality, too!

Align to Your Distinctive Brand Identity

Your brand identity is invaluable. So, it’s crucial to present candidates with a uniform, high-quality brand experience. Doing so can help you attract top talent more effectively — and it all starts with a Newbury Partners customized Bullhorn Career Portal appearance that matches your website’s look and feel.

Custom Design Integration for Engaging Customer Experience

Our expert team specializes in customizing the standard Bullhorn Career Portal to align perfectly with your website’s design. We meticulously incorporate elements from your current website to ensure a seamless and consistent user experience, creating a powerful and engaging platform for your job openings. This customized approach will not only enhance your candidate experience but also streamline your recruitment process — ultimately leading to more successful hires.

With Bullhorn Career Portal Customization from Newbury Partners, you get all these benefits:

Deployment Expertise – Our team’s extensive experience makes the process simple and fast, saving your resources and time.

A Proven Track Record – We built more than 150 customized solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Low Cost, High Impact – For a small investment, we can transform your Bullhorn Career Portal to help you attract top talent more effectively.

Explore Add-Ons for Optimal Functionality

Take advantage of additional functionality that can be included with your customized Bullhorn Career Portal to further enhance the candidate experience and make your work more efficient:

Custom Filters – Fine-tune your job listings to match the unique preferences of your target candidates.

Push Custom Fields to Bullhorn – Streamline your data entry process and ensure accurate candidate information.

Email Automation – Communicate with candidates efficiently and effectively.

Candidate Qualifiers – Let the portal do the initial screening for you by automatically rejecting candidates based on your qualifications.

Source Tracking – Gain valuable insights into the performance of your recruitment sources.

Generic Application – Simplify the application process for candidates and build your resume library.

Expanded Searches – Help candidates find the right opportunities with ease.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

It’s fast, easy, and affordable to customize the Bullhorn Career Portal to match your brand identity and add functionality. Give your candidates a consistently high-quality experience — and make your work more efficient and productive too!


Josh Granville is a Partner and the Senior Vice President of Technology for Newbury Partners Software and Data Engineers. Josh holds a Master’s degree in Applied Science from Syracuse University. His team helps staffing companies of all sizes streamline their experience through data mergers and imports, database health checks, customizations, and development to meet the unique needs of each client.

Email Newbury Partners ( to learn more about how Josh’s team can help your organization with your custom development needs.

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