Newbury Partners Recruiter Kanban Update | Version 2023.5

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September 14, 2023, Newbury Partners is excited to announce the latest enhancements to the Kanban for Bullhorn recruiter board! Version 2023.5 went live today and was designed to elevate your experience, in addition to continuing to increase overall efficiencies.  


Penalty Clock Configuration

  • Penalty clock configuration has been extended to each entity independently on the configuration page
    • Submission, client submission, interview, rejected, confirmed, and placed

Penalty clock configuration

    • A zero will cause the clock to not show up
  • The flag icon has been removed and replaced with a clock, hovering over the clock will show how many days the candidate has been in this status, red when it exceeds the penalty configuration

Quick Action Menu

  • Quick action menu added to candidate card

Quick Action Menu Added to Candidate Card

    • Clicking the calendar icon will open a modal and allow the user to view the last appointment date or navigate to the appointment itself
    • Clicking the plus icon will allow the user to add an additional interview
    • Clicking the page icon will open the add note slide out referencing the job and candidate
  • Ability to edit candidate data
    • Simply expand the job view and click on the field you would like to edit (on the candidate card)

Ability to edit candidate data


  • A modal will pop up and allow you to modify the data

Filter Upgrades

  • Filters will now be sticky, they are maintained until the browser session has ended
  • Minor style changes to filter configuration page
  • When opening a saved filter, the filter definition will populate to allow for easy edits
  • Ability to include and exclude data points in the filter menu


  • N/A 


  • Ability to sort data using the filter slide out
  • Submission history tab will be added to the candidate binocular slide out
  • Collapse all jobs in list


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