Get the Whole Story on Fractional Chief Technology Officers

Get the Whole Story on Fractional Chief Technology Officers

Organizations of any size can leverage C-level technology expertise.

In today’s staffing landscape, developing and executing the right technology strategy has never been more important. Artificial intelligence, cyber threats, key staff turnover, changing B2B and B2C markets, and new vendor solutions all impact your technology strategy. For many firms, their Chief Technology Officer (CTO) manages that strategy and helps keep the leadership team aligned.

However, not every company has the resources to employ a dedicated full-time technology strategist. This leads to the question: does your organization’s CEO, CIO, or COO take on the additional responsibility of managing technology strategy alongside their other crucial duties? The fractional CTO could be the perfect alternative.

Benefits of a Fractional CTO

For far less than the cost of a full-time, permanent resource, a fractional CTO can give your staffing agency the part-time or temporary strategic technology leadership it needs, delivering multiple benefits like:

  • Providing expert advice on technology strategy and planning
  • Managing your agency’s technical teams
  • Evaluating and implementing new technologies
  • Aligning technology initiatives with business objectives
  • Managing technology vendors, including evaluating candidates, negotiating contracts, and handling relationships
  • Maintaining cybersecurity and implementing industry-standard security protocols
  • Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations
  • Leading digital transformation projects
  • Modernizing your technology stack
  • Streamlining processes and driving innovation to enhance your staffing agency’s competitive edge

Team/Office Dynamics

A fractional CTO will work closely with your staffing agency’s existing front/middle/back-office and technology leadership teams. Fractional CTOs are available to collaborate with those teams on technology initiatives, provide guidance, and ensure team alignment with business objectives.

Fractional CTOs can work on-site, remotely, or adopt a hybrid approach, depending on what best suits your agency’s needs. Finally, your fractional CTO’s work time can be negotiated to ensure your organization’s technology goals are achieved: Whether they’re a permanent, part-time resource or a temporary, full-time resource, a good fractional CTO will be flexible while delivering results.

A Fractional CTO Can Be a Complete Solution

Having a well-managed technology strategy is no longer limited to the biggest staffing agencies. The fractional CTO can be a valuable part of your organization’s lean, efficient, and effective management structure. If you’d like to discuss how a fractional CTO could help your agency achieve its technology goals, reach out — we’re ready to help!



Tim Jackson brings his extensive expertise to the world of strategy consulting at Newbury Partners, while also playing a pivotal role as a principal in the innovative staffing startup, Elevation Talent Group. He consults with executives in the staffing industry to maximize the effectiveness of their teams and technology investments.  Tim built his consulting practice on 20 years of professional staffing experience and 25 years of banking and corporate finance experience.  His focus lies in optimizing IT management, streamlining tech stacks, implementing efficient PayBill operations, enhancing recruiting processes, and developing cutting-edge Business Intelligence solutions. Tim has participated in 10+ acquisitions as either buyer, seller or advisor.

He holds a degree in finance from both DePaul University and University of Chicago.  Email Tim ( to learn more about how her team can help you and your staffing organization.

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