Exploring the Exciting Updates of Recruiter Kanban | Version 2024.3

2023.6 Version Update Kanban

April 30, 2024 | We are excited to unveil the latest update to our Recruiter Kanban platform, packed with new features, fixes, and an exciting roadmap for the future. Let’s dive into the details of what’s included in this release:

Recruiter Kanban Updates

New Features

  • Filters
    • Users can now filter and sort job listings based on the date they were added, utilizing the [dateAdded] field for enhanced organization.
  • Default Filters
    • Admins gain greater control over company default filters, now with the ability to clear them as needed for smoother navigation.
  • Filter Favorites
    • Users can now set their default filter to one created by another user, providing flexibility and customization to suit individual preferences.
  • Job Highlighting
    • Prioritization becomes effortless with the introduction of job color coding. Admins can configure a job color field, adding it to the Kanban Configuration page for immediate effect.
  • Hide Card
    • Admins now have the capability to designate custom job submission fields to determine whether a card should be hidden or not. Cards can be easily unhidden by clicking the view button on an expanded job, ensuring no valuable information is missed.
  • Job Updates
    • Job fields are now editable directly from the job ribbon, fulfilling a common request around reassigning jobs and streamlining processes.


  • Candidate Slide Out
    • Notes now display in the correct order in the Candidate slide out, ensuring seamless access to important information.
  • Filter Overview
    • Select type filters no longer overflow when too many are entered, eliminating any potential display issues and maintaining clarity.
  • Job Sort
    • Users can now easily click on column headers to sort jobs even when filters are present, enhancing usability and efficiency.


  • Penalty Flags by Employment Type
    • Users will soon be able to differentiate penalty flag durations for direct hire versus contract positions, providing greater clarity and precision in managing candidates.
  • Move Multiple Candidates
    • A convenient checkbox on each Candidate card will allow users to move multiple candidates to a new stage simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Date Filtering
    • Users will have the ability to filter the board between specific dates, enabling more targeted searches and analysis.
  • Auto Refresh
    • A configuration setting will be introduced to force submissions on an expanded job to auto-refresh periodically, ensuring users stay updated on any changes in real-time.

    With this release, we continue to strive for excellence in providing a user-friendly and efficient platform for all your recruiting needs. Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards making your recruitment processes even smoother and more effective.


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