Exploring the Exciting Updates of Recruiter Kanban | Version 2024.4

2023.6 Version Update Kanban

May 30, 2024 | We are excited to unveil the latest update to our Recruiter Kanban platform, packed with few features, fixes, and an exciting roadmap for the future. Let’s dive into the details of what’s included in this release:

Recruiter Kanban Updates

New Features

  • Filter Enhancements
    • Now you can stack filters, save them, and further refine your search by clicking on a column.
  • Web Response
    • Users are now able to add a column for web responses. By configuring “New Lead” on the admin configuration panel.


  • Admin Configuration
    • Admin configuration: Buttons on the configuration page have been renamed or removed to help clarify.
      • “View Kanban” has been removed from the configuration page
      • “Reset Database” has been renamed to “Reset All Filters”


  • Penalty Flags by Employment Type
    • Users can differentiate penalty flag durations for direct hire vs. contract placements.
  • Move Multiple Candidates
    • A checkbox on each candidate card will enable users to move multiple candidates to a new stage simultaneously.
  • Date Filtering
    • Users will have the ability to filter the board by specific date ranges.

With this release, we continue to strive for excellence in providing a user-friendly and efficient platform for all your recruiting needs. Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards making your recruitment processes even smoother and more effective.


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