Acronyms are like the currency of communication for staffing. From AI to VMS, these shorthand terms are essential for streamlining processes, clarifying concepts, and fostering collaboration among industry professionals and verticals. However, deciphering these acronyms can sometimes feel like decoding a secret language. That’s why we created this quick reference guide to help you navigate the world of staffing acronyms with ease.

Logging product feature requests & tracking product roadmap.

New users have to register on their own:

A set of rules and protocols for building and interacting with software applications.

The actual user account that is used when making the API connections. Bullhorn sets up the API users for

A group of staffing agencies or companies that are affiliated or connected in some way.

A trade association representing the staffing industry in the United States.

This is essentially the Front Office component of Bullhorn.

Newbury partners with a company called Autymate that is a middleware that automates the G/L or payroll. It’s
a 3rd party with extra cost.

Any customizations that require code outside of Bullhorn are stored on an AWS environment.

Refers to transactions or relationships between two businesses, such as a staffing agency and its corporate clients.

Includes the Bullhorn onboarding module. Bullhorn onboarding is a mechanism for sending documents to
candidates for signature & filling in onboarding like information.

Marketing term that encompasses everything BH (Front Office, BTE, Paybill, Onboarding).


We’re currently operating in Novo.

Refers to the use of data analysis tools and techniques to gather, analyze, and present information to support decision-making processes within a staffing agency or client organization.

Refers to the internal administrative functions of a staffing agency, such as payroll processing, invoicing, compliance, and HR support.

Used to write up more complex customizations.

Formerly known as PeopleNet as this was an acquisition Bullhorn made. Separate system designated for time and expense entry. Once the placement is approved in Bullhorn (with all required fields), it will then flow to BTE for time entry by proxy, employee, vms exchange (upload). Payable and billable charges will flow back to Bullhorn along with status as time is submitted/approved for processing by client specialist.

The BTE setup that we do UAT and parallel in

Software used to create, manage, and modify digital content on websites.

A specialized team or department within a staffing agency focused on a particular area of expertise, such as technology recruitment or healthcare staffing.

Employees who are on the payroll of the client company rather than the staffing agency.

A centralized system or process for managing client orders.

This is another component of the Bullhorn front office utilizing Leads and Opportunities. Company and Contact is incorporated into this piece as well.

The objective of CRP is to walk through the system using client data examples, confirm process flows and configuration, identifying audit/control points and identify problem areas that require further solutioning
(workarounds or customization).

An agreement between a staffing agency and a client outlining the terms and conditions related to the staffing agency’s efforts to source candidates for open positions within the client’s organization.

Processes and systems for managing temporary, freelance, and contract workers.

Services and strategies for managing temporary or contract workers.

Data Engineer.

A measure of how long it takes for a company to collect payment from its customers after a sale has been made.

Discount is when you are including a discount on the face of the invoice.
Surcharge is when you want to ADD an additional charge to the face of the invoice.

Integration platforms designed specifically for enterprise-level organizations.

Software used to manage core business processes, including staffing, finance, and operations.


A tool in BTE that gives the admin user the ability to have a timesheet in one screen and someone’s timesheet
in another. Best used for those that are getting time entered on behalf of someone else in a manual process.


Front office is broad term used to describe Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Recruiting functions in staffing. There are many process that cover front office such as customer relationship management, sourcing, jobs, placement, drug and background checks, onboarding…etc.

Connection of BTE and the rest of Bullhorn ATS/PayBill.

Specific to BTE integration of placement in BH with BTE. Data map of placement & candidate.

A unit of measure representing the workload of a full-time employee.



Practices and processes related to managing an organization’s workforce.


Software used by companies to manage their recruitment processes, including job postings, applications, and candidate communications.

Outsourcing HR functions such as payroll, benefits administration, and employee relations to a third-party provider.

Outsourcing HR functions such as payroll, benefits administration, and employee relations to a third-party provider.

For admin “users”.
User id on admin is the integration ID in back office.

Cloud-based platforms that facilitate the integration of different software applications and systems.

The use of computers, networking, and software to manage and process data.

Logging ESE and DBA tickets required for go live.

Metrics used to evaluate the success and effectiveness of staffing and recruitment processes.

Software used to deliver, track, and manage training and development programs.

Strategies and tactics used to communicate with target audiences and promote products or services.

A subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on the development of algorithms that allow computers to learn from and make predictions or decisions based on data.

Just another term for PayBill. Middle Office functions vary by organization. In the Bullhorn Ecosytem Middle
Office is comprised of any of the functions that touch pay / bill: Bullhorn Time and Expense as well as BullhornOne.

A company that manages a client’s contingent workforce program, often including both staffing and procurement.

Process that occurs when it’s time to go live.

Something that BH wants 2-3 weeks before go live. Checklist to be completed to move to production.

A program in which a single vendor is designated as the primary supplier for a client’s contingent workforce needs.

Bullhorn Non Production Environment

Metric that tracks client satisfaction.

Not a very robust tool, but a way for Candidates to fill in an application that is more detailed than just
submitting a resume.

Bullhorn’s Job Posting integration for Client website; Newbury often builds the integration as part of our SOW.

Additional hours worked by employees beyond their regular working hours, typically compensated at a higher rate.

Systems used for managing payroll processing and billing functions.

More commonly referred to as the PL. This is where the configuration for the system is found. Generally you have one PL per customer, but customers can have multiple PLs which are generally used for unique lines of business (i.e. Healthcare and IT).

A document issued by a buyer to a seller indicating the details and terms of a purchase transaction, including goods or services to be provided and payment terms.


The process of finding and placing candidates in full-time, permanent positions within client organizations.

Has a fully integrated API with Bullhorn – talks to each other. Other payroll companies like ADP can have an APIbut it’s mostly through flat file upload.
Only automated G/L Bullhorn supports through a API is Quickbooks Desktop.

This is what Bullhorn calls their services team.

Reviews conducted on a quarterly basis to assess business performance and set goals for the upcoming quarter.

Reviews are conducted on a quarterly basis to assess individual or team performance.

Status colors for the PM team.

A formal document issued by a client soliciting proposals from potential vendors or service providers, often used in the bidding process for staffing contracts.

The process flow for staffing, starting from client requisition to candidate assignment.

A measure of the profitability or efficiency of an investment, often used to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment strategies.

A solution that can be used to automate repetitive tasks.

When a company outsources some or all of its recruitment processes to an external provider.

Software licensing and delivery model in which software is accessed online via a subscription, rather than installed on individual computers.

Reviews conducted to assess and evaluate the strategic direction and performance of a business.

Document that’s completed and sent to BH IC to create BTE environment.

That’s us!

System access & trouble shooting – Requesting new corps & go live notifications. is where we send these requests.

A research and advisory firm specializing in the staffing industry.

A contract between a service provider and a client that outlines the services to be provided and the expected level of service.


Document that’s completed and sent to BH IC to create BTE environment.

Platforms that provide staffing solutions and services via a cloud-based model.

Contract outlining project specs Newbury will manage.



The time it takes to fill a job opening from the point of requisition to hiring.

Tracking and management of employee hours worked and related expenses.

A billing and payment model where clients are charged based on the time spent by staffing resources and the materials or expenses incurred.

A staffing model where a vendor provides on-site management of contingent workers at a client’s facility.

VMS – Is a Vendor Management System. This is not something controlled by Newbury nor Bullhorn. There are vendors that manage jobs and hour tracking for larger organizations.
VMS Sync – Is the automated solution for pulling job requisitions from a VMS and creating the job in Bullhorn.
This solution also has some capability to push candidate submittals back to the VMS. There is also a very specific Healthcare add-on to this solution.
VMS Exchange – Is the mechanism to upload hours into BTE. There is the capability to upload a flat file or to
have the system read an email box to automatically load the file. Automation of the email into the email box is
something that needs to be available in the VMS itself.

Tells the system there’s an integration vs flat file to be used.

A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for an app to provide other applications with
real-time information. A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately.

Strategies and tools used to optimize workforce productivity, scheduling, and resource allocation.

PayBill or Middle office. WFR is a very old term for this solution that still is referenced in some of the older configuration settings. Now refered to as Middle Office or BullhornOne.

Mastering staffing industry acronyms is essential for effective communication and successful operations. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the industry, this quick reference guide serves as a valuable resource for decoding the language of staffing. You can navigate the world of staffing with confidence and clarity by understanding the meanings and significance behind these shorthand terms.