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How to Achieve High Quality Data for your Staffing and Recruiting Firm

You can’t have a quality operation without quality data The more confidence you have in the data that guides your business decisions, the faster you can make good business decisions. Most managers appreciate performance data … but few have confidence in the numbers. If you have data quality issues, achieving data-driven management can seem unattainable. […]

Transform your Training Videos

Tips and tools for creating captivating content In the past, training video production was the exclusive domain of a dedicated training department. It required skilled professionals and specialized equipment—plus considerable time and expense. Even with all that, the final product often was a lengthy, tedious viewing experience. Today, almost anyone can make an engaging training […]

Upgrade Candidate Intake With the New Bullhorn Open Source Career Portal

With good candidates in short supply, having a simple and effective way for candidates to apply to your openings is paramount. The candidate experience starts with your career portal, whether they start on your website or are redirected from an external site like LinkedIn or Google for Jobs. Bullhorn just released two new versions of […]