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With Newbury Partners, you get an expert in Bullhorn Back Office (BBO) and Bullhorn One (BH1). We’ve partnered directly with Bullhorn to help growing staffing firms gain access to Bullhorn One at a fraction of the standard implementation costs.

Positioning your business for success with minimal investment.

Scale Your Business Without Scaling Cost

Streamline your operations and eliminate manual interventions leveraging the operational efficiencies Bullhorn One creates. Bullhorn One users enjoy an enhanced feature set that includes:

Earning Codes

Pre-defined earning codes are a thing of the past. BH1 allows custom earning codes to support your needs. 

Improve compliance and reduce at-risk revenue with pay-bill rate controls.

Customers have their own specific invoicing needs. BH1 allows any data point it captures to be produced on an invoice and presented to meet your customers needs. 

Integrated and bulk time imports save you time from manually pulling and keying timesheet data.  

BH1’s automated time interpretation engine removes the manual intervention from your pay-bill ops team.

Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging margin, activity, and financial data to inform your decisions.

Automatically calculate and present sales tax on your invoices.

Value Realization in 20-Weeks

Gone are the days of long, drawn-out discovery and implementation cycles. At Newbury Partners, we have delivered more Bullhorn projects than any other entity in the space. That means you get to capitalize on our knowledge of BBO and Bullhorn One, with the creation of a simplified delivery process.

Upgrade your pay-bill operations to Bullhorn One in 20-weeks!

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